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New Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed, Lansing

October 17, 2019 | Categories: About the FHC, News, Press Release | Tags: discrimination, lansing, Lansing State Journal, lawsuit, national origin, Sexual Harassment, WILX

New Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed
Fair Housing Suit Also Alleges National Origin Bias 

Sarah Yoder contacted the Fair Housing Center in August 2018 to file a sexual harassment complaint against Ryan McDonell. Ms. Yoder, a 39-year-old Native American woman, stated that she had gone to view a one-bedroom house listed for $700/month in Lansing and that Mr. McDonell gave her a tour.

Later that day, she asked Mr. McDonell, via text, if the rent was negotiable. McDonell responded; “I bet your (sic) more fun to negotiate with in person.” Later text messages include asking Ms. Yoder to do a striptease for him. Ms. Yoder’s text response was that she was “not a prostitute or a stripper” and she declined to respond to his subsequent text messages, including him asking “u mad that I asked u to wear something cute so I could check u out?”

The case, filed in Federal Court on September 9, 2019, has been assigned to the honorable Robert J. Jonker.

We will keep you informed as the case progresses.

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