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Dr. Jon Wismer in front of the newly installed accessibility ramp with FHC Director Pamela Kisch.

By the Numbers*

*Graphs and charts are based on fiscal years, which run from September 1 – August 31.

Map of the counties served by the Fair Housing Center of Southeast and Mid Michigan


Counties Covered


Years of Service


Lawsuits Filed*


Collected In


Total Complaints Received


Average Complaints Received Per Year

*Many complaints are resolved through direct advocacy (for example, reasonable accommodations) and without the need for litigation.
**Including conciliations and an estimate of non-disclosed settlements

Complaints by Basis Over Time

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Complaints By Basis

Physical Disability, Race, and Mental / Emotional Disability have been the most common complaint bases since our founding, as well as in litigation. We’ve filed over 35 lawsuits on the basis of Disability, over 25 on the basis of Race, and over 30 on the basis of Familial Status. Many of the Disability complaints are resolved through reasonable accommodation requests.

Complaints Received Each Year

We receive over one hundred complaints each year. The majority of our complaints involve rental properties, but we take complaints about sales, lending (including appraisals), condominium, cooperatives, and mobile home transactions, as well.

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