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Harbor v Nam

#W94-61 | Location: Ann Arbor | Court Level: State | Settlement: Non-disclosed

Categories: Familial Status, Rental, Sex
Tags: Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act, Eviction

After their baby boy was born in 1995, the Harbors received an eviction notice. The Harbors were told, in writing, that because the new child was a boy, unlike their two older children, they would have to move. Tenants of Arbordale Apartments owned by Sang Y. Nam, the Harbors called the FHC with a complaint of discrimination based on sex and familial status. FHC Cooperating Attorneys Jonathan Rose and Jonathan Weber filed in Washtenaw County Circuit Court on behalf of the Harbors. The case, claiming violation of the Michigan Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act was assigned to Judge Timothy P. Connors.

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