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Hargraves v Spiridakos

#W11-69 | Location: Meridian charter Township | Court Level: Federal | Settlement: $10,500, $500 to pay for fair housing training

Categories: Familial Status, Rental
Tags: Children

Hargraves v Spiridakos was filed in U.S. Federal District Court in February, 2012. Plaintiff Matthew Hargraves contacted the FHC after a property owner in Okemos, Michigan refused to allow him to rent a house because he has four children. FHC testing supported his claim of discrimination based on familial status. FHC Cooperating Attorney Jonathan Weber filed on behalf of Mr. Hargraves. The case was assigned to Judge Robert Holmes Bell. This is the first FHC-Southeast-aided fair housing suit to come from Ingham County. FHC staff and volunteer testers were deposed prior to the $10,500 settlement. A portion of the settlement will pay for fair housing training for the owners.

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