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Ladiski v. Cavalier Greene

#W20-039 | Location: Corunna | Court Level: Federal | Settlement: Non-disclosed

Categories: Physical Disability, Rental
Tags: Parking, Reasonable Accommodation

Marsha Ladiski contacted the FHC to report a problem with getting a reserved accessible parking space and a proper sign to mark it for her use only. While the case began as a simple request for reasonable accommodation, it went on to include months of stalling on the part of the management company, Woda Cooper, and threats of retaliation from the manager.

According to the lawsuit, filed in Federal Court by FHC Cooperating Attorney Daniel Gwinn, Lalonde told Ms. Ladiski that they might not renew her lease or that they might have to move her, knowing that no units were available in the 18-unit complex.

This was the first FHC lawsuit in Shiawassee County. It was assigned to the Honorable Stephanie Dawkins Davis. Ms. Ladiski accepted a monetary settlement to settle the lawsuit. The property manager was also fired.

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