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Malahni Ngalle.

Ngalle/Guest/FHC v. Grad Apartments

#W18-108 | Location: East Lansing | Court Level: Federal | Settlement: $20,000

Categories: Race, Rental
Tags: African American, Black

Former MSU student (now graduate) Malahni Ngalle contacted the FHC when she was denied the ability to rent from Grad Apartments in East Lansing. Based on comments made to her by the owner, she believed she was denied because of her race.

The FHC sent two testers, one Black and one white, to inquire about renting from the same property. Testing evidence supported Ms. Ngalle’s claim of race discrimination. Based on the offensive racial stereotypes expressed by the landlord to the Black tester, she joined the lawsuit along with the complainant.

FHC Cooperating Attorney Sarah Riley Howard of Pinsky, Smith, Fayette & Kennedy LLP filed the fair housing complaint in U.S. Federal District Court on September 20, 2019. The case was assigned to the Honorable Janet T. Neff.

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