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Pike v Harbour Club Ltd.

#W96-165 | Location: Belleville | Court Level: State | Settlement: $750, Installation of a lighted doorbell

Categories: Physical Disability, Rental
Tags: Deaf, Doorbell, Reasonable Accommodation

Attorney David Michael Stokes of Michigan Protection & Advocacy Service filed suit on behalf of Larry Pike when Harbour club refused to provide a flashing doorbell. Pike is deaf and is unable to hear the buzzer for the building’s common entrances. Mr. Pike is therefore unaware when someone is trying to visit him at his second floor apartment.

Filed in Wayne County Circuit Court, the case is assigned to Judge Marianne Battani. The suit claims violation of the Michigan Handicappers’ Civil Rights Act. Harbour Club Ltd. is located in Belleville off I-94. Battanni refused to grant Harbour Club’s attorney a motion for summary disposition and the case was settled soon after. Larry Pike accepted $750 in addition to a lighted door bell to settle.

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