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Robeson v The Meadows

#W01-12 | Location: Ypsilanti | Court Level: State | Settlement: $2,500

Categories: Physical Disability, Rental
Tags: Parking, Railing, Reasonable Accommodation

Su-Juan Robeson accepted a $2,500 mediation award to settle her disability complaint against The Meadows.  Ms. Robeson, who is disabled, needed a railing along the three steps up to her front door and a parking space near her unit.  A letter requesting reasonable accommodation was sent by FHC staff.  The Meadows responded by erecting a rickety, splintering railing and denying her request for a handicapped parking space.  Cooperating Attorney Eric M. Spector filed suit on behalf of Ms. Roberson in Washtenaw County Circuit Court, the case was assigned to Judge Melinda Morris.  The lawsuit claims violations of the Michigan Persons with Disabilities Civil Rights Act.

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