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Salinsky v Courthouse Square

#W07-11 | Location: Ann Arbor

Categories: Other, Physical Disability
Tags: Smoking

As a reasonable accommodation of his disability, Warren Salinsky asked Courthouse Square to move him to the 10th floor where there are no smokers. The managers said no, but a letter from FHC changed their minds. Mr. Salinsky was told that the only open unit (Unit A) had serious repair problems and Courthouse Square said they had no idea how long the renovations would take. Months went by and then Mr. Salinsky, whose disability effects breathing, heard about another 10th floor apartment (Unit B). Concerned that Courthouse Square might misrepresent the availability of unit B (a unit without repair problems), FHC staff (identifying themselves as such), accompanied Mr. Salinsky to the office to inquire about “any other unit on the 10th floor.” The rental agent repeated that only Unit A was open, and in the midst of renovation.  On the same day, FHC sent a tester to find housing for her grandmother. The same agent showed our tester Unit B saying her grandmother could move in ASAP. Cooperating Attorney Steve Tomkowiak agreed to take the case to stop Courthouse Square from renting Unit B to anyone else. A few days later Warren Salinsky moved into Unit B and the case was filed in federal court. The case is assigned to Judge Paul V. Gadola.

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