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FHC v Town & Country

January 17, 2005 | Categories: Litigation | Tags: Pittsfield Township, race

FHC v Town & Country
Pittsfield Township

In 2001 Felton Luckett, an African-American man, told the FHC that he was accepted and later denied tenancy at Town & Country Apartments on Carpenter Road.  Undercover testing supported Mr. Luckett’s race discrimination claim and Cooperating Attorney Steve Tomkowiak helped settle the case for $5,000.  After the case settled, Attorney Tomkowiak wrote to the owners strongly encouraging staff training in fair housing law.  In 2005 another Town & Country complainant came to us alleging race discrimination, again FHC testing supported the claim.  Because the complainant did not wish to take legal or administrative action, the FHC Board of Directors voted to act as plaintiffs.  Steve Tomkowiak filed the case in U.S. Federal District Court.  The case was assigned to Judge Avern Cohn.

Court: Federal
Status: Jury ruled in favor of Defendant

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