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Holland et al v Camelot

January 17, 2005 | Categories: Litigation | Tags: race, Ypsilanti Township

Holland et al v Camelot
Ypsilanti Township

Nikia Holland, an African-American woman, and her white friends Suzanne and Eric Trader accepted $47,500 to settle a race discrimination case against the owners of Camelot Apartment in Ypsilanti Township.  In 2005, Ms. Holland and her friend contacted the FHC to complain about the manager.  Their complaints led to a court action filed in United States District Court before Federal Judge Bernard A. Friedman, Case Number 07-10543.  Their complaint alleged: the use of racial epithets, harassing white tenants to stay away from African-American friends and tenants, and failing to make repairs in Ms. Holland’s apartment.  Testing evidence supported their claims of race discrimination against Camelot Apartments.  The case was litigated by FHC Cooperating Attorney Jonathan G. Weber.

Court: Federal
Settlement: $47,500

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