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Video Clips for Housing Justice

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Video Clips for Housing Justice!

Casting Call! Video Clips Needed!
FHC Video Project : Welcome In My BackYard

The Fair Housing Center is working on a video project and we need YOU!

We are looking for a diverse representation of people of any race, color, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, family structure, national origin, etc., to be a part of our new Welcome In My BackYard (WIMBY) video project. All languages welcomed.

What to do:

  1. Take a video of yourself or others (individual and group shots encouraged) reading all or part of the WIMBY pledge out loud
  2. Upload the video to our Google Photo Album “FHC Welcome in My BackYard Video Share” to the following link: https://goo.gl/photos/jji5btFMZmgb3Mvz5  

By publicly submitting your video, you (and anyone else in your video) agree that we have permission to use any portion of your video content in our final video, which could be used for education, fundraising, general WIMBY and fair housing outreach.

If a part of your video is selected to be in our end product, we will send you (and everyone else in your video) the WIMBY swag of your choice (house sign, yard sign, vinyl sticker, etc)! (The *swag* is not yet available. When it is, we will message you for your contact information.)

If a part of your video is selected to be in our end product and you would like us to credit you where and when possible, please be sure to add a comment with the name(s) you would PUBLICLY like us to use.

Video Tips:

  1. Clear sound is crucial.  If no one can hear it, no one will watch it. Make sure to shoot in quiet environments and project your voice.
  2. Don’t backlight.  Make sure light is on your face and not behind it — i.e. don’t sit in front of a bright window.
  3. Shoot Horizontal. We aren’t requiring any particular distance away from the camera.
  4. Help Others.  If you are more tech-savvy than say, your friend, classmate, neighbor, grandparent, teacher, etc., we encourage you to film them and help with the upload, etc. It’s a community effort!
  5. Take Pauses. Don’t worry about having a perfect video. We are going to be splicing it up. Pause between sentences. Feel free to repeat.



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