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Faulk v Maes

#W94-04 | Location: Ypsilanti | Court Level: State | Settlement: Non-disclosed

Categories: Familial Status, Rental
Tags: Children

In August 1994, Cooperating Attorney Michael J. Steinberg filed a lawsuit on behalf of Stacey Faulk. According to the suit, filed in Washtenaw County Circuit Court, Ms. Faulk was denied the rental of an apartment at 943 W. Cross in Ypsilanti near the Eastern Michigan University campus because she has a baby. The case is assigned to Judge William F. Ager, Jr..

Faulk contact the Fair Housing Center in January 1994 to report that she had answered an ad in EMU’s Eastern Echo for a one-bedroom apartment. According to Faulk she was told that she couldn’t rent the apartment because she had a child and that the housing was for students. Faulk had attended Eastern Michigan University and was planning to return. Testing by the FHC supports Faulk’s claim of discrimination based on familial status.

Faulk attempted to resolve the issue through conciliation by Fair Housing Center of Washtenaw County staff. “That is student housing and I probably didn’t want children in there” said owner, Barbara Maes, during the conciliation. In a letter to the Fair Housing Center Maes’ attorney, William F. Anhut, admitted his client told Faulk the apartment “was not suitable for children”.

The letter went on to say that the apartment was still available and if Faulk met Maes’ usual standards she could rent the unit. At that point Faulk chose to go ahead with the litigation. “I was insulted that it took threatening legal action just to give me the change to apply for the apartment.” said Faulk.

In the fall of 1994 Stacey Faulk accepted an undisclosed amount to settle her housing discrimination claim against Barbara Maes.

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